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New World Medical Announces Launch Details for the STREAMLINE® Surgical System

By March 1, 2022April 6th, 2022No Comments

Intuitively designed STREAMLINE with ClickPulse® Technology targets the eye’s conventional outflow pathway


Rancho Cucamonga, California, March 1, 2022—New World Medical, a global medical device company focused on glaucoma interventions, today announced an update to its launch plans for the STREAMLINE® Surgical System. STREAMLINE, a single-use device featuring the intuitive ClickPulse® Technology, is a first-line implant-free system designed to create precise goniotomies in the trabecular meshwork and deliver small amounts of ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD) into the canal of Schlemm in one unified step. The device offers surgeons a unique option that can be used as a stand-alone procedure or combined with cataract surgery. STREAMLINE received 510k clearance from the FDA on October 8, 2021, prompting New World Medical to initiate a limited soft launch plan that includes building experience amongst select US surgeons and commencing Phase 4 clinical studies.

“Since gaining FDA clearance in October, we have been working hard to prepare for full commercialization of STREAMLINE.  We are pleased with the initial surgeon feedback, which has validated the need for a precise, implant-free, and minimally invasive surgical option. With full commercial availability scheduled for April 1, 2022, and Phase 4 studies in progress, STREAMLINE is positioned to become a compelling addition to our portfolio of innovative surgical products that benefit both patients and surgeons,” said Raymond Kong, Chief Commercial Officer of New World Medical.

Dr. Elizabeth Yeu of Virginia Eye Consultants explained, “We’ve had great success with the ever-growing list of devices for angle surgery. STREAMLINE is exciting because the ClickPulse technology allows us to combine the creation of micron-sized goniotomies in the trabecular meshwork with delivery of OVD into the canal of Schlemm in one unified step. This can be done as a standalone procedure or combined with routine cataract surgery. Rather than only treating one aspect of the conventional outflow pathway by implanting a stenting device during cataract surgery, we can use STREAMLINE to target the entire outflow system by creating precision goniotomies, dilating the canal of Schlemm, stretching the trabecular meshwork, and flushing the distal collector channels in one click of the button, without leaving an implant behind.”

“New World Medical does it again with the creation of an innovative, versatile, ergonomic single-use device for our angle surgery patients,” added Dr. Nathan Radcliffe, New York Eye Surgery Center. “STREAMLINE is an elegant new tool in my surgical toolbox that allows me to routinely and efficiently offer effective treatment to my patients.” 

To learn more, visit New World Medical’s booth at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery’s Annual Meeting that is scheduled for April 22-26 in Washington, DC, or go to

About New World Medical

New World Medical was founded by Dr. A. Mateen Ahmed, who was determined to develop, manufacture, and market cutting-edge medical devices to alleviate ophthalmic ailments globally. New World Medical’s mission is to preserve and enhance vision by delivering innovations to benefit humanity and achieves this through partnerships with surgeons and eye care professionals who are dedicated to alleviating the burden of blindness around the globe.

The company’s product portfolio includes its flagship devices, the market-leading glaucoma drainage device, the Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve; the newest valveless glaucoma drainage device, the Ahmed ClearPath®, the Kahook Dual Blade® and KDB GLIDE®, which are used for goniotomy procedures to excise trabecular meshwork via an ab interno approach; and now the newest member of their innovative portfolio, the STREAMLINE® Surgical System. To learn more about the unique mission of New World Medical or their innovative product line, please visit

Company contact: 

Raymond Kong

Chief Commercial Officer