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Ophthalmic Devices for the Management of Glaucoma

Kahook Dual Blade®
Ahmed ClearPath®
Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve
Kahook Dual Blade®

Excisional Goniotomy with Kahook Dual Blade®

The Kahook Dual Blade®’s unique design and dimensions enable precise excision of diseased trabecular meshwork (TM), allowing for increased access to collector channels.

Ahmed ClearPath® 350
Ahmed ClearPath® 250
Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve

Glaucoma Drainage Devices

Providing both valved and non-valved glaucoma drainage devices to accommodate disease state and anatomy.


Ahmed® ClearPathTM

The Newest Valveless Glaucoma Drainage Device.

Designed with Convenience in Mind

Available in 250mm2 and 350mm2 sizes, which include a 23-Ga needle and a threaded 4-0 polypropylene ripcord.

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With Kahook Dual Blade®, New World Medical is the Leader in Excisional Goniotomy.

Kahook Dual Blade®

The Reliable Choice.

Uniquely Designed to Fit Within the Canal of Schlemm

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Pointed Tip: Effectively penetrates diseased TM to allow for entry into canal of Schlemm
Proprietary Ramp: Facilitates lift and stretch of the TM
Dual Blades: Create parallel incisions for clean TM excision
Foot Plate: Settles on the anterior wall of canal of Schlemm to prevent damage to it

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